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 In-Home Treatments

safe-lice-removalAt LiceWise we know an infestation of pediculus humanus capitis can be maddening, considering that many over-the-counter products are not as effective as they once were.  If you are in the West Linn area and you or your child have this aggravating condition, you can rest assured our non chemical head lice treatment is safe, comfortable, and effective.  Our certified technicians know their stuff, and use only the safest, natural, homeopathic, pesticide free ingredients in eliminating those pesky bugs and their eggs (nits).

No parent wants to use products containing potentially dangerous ingredients such as pesticides.  These chemicals can also be irritating and damaging to hair, something you want to avoid when possible.  Our safe and painless removal solutions are proven effective, and require only an hour or two of your time.  Because we provide in-home head lice treatment, you don’t even have to leave home to enjoy the results.  Convenient, comfortable, a one treatment lice solution for those who prefer not to deal with the hassle, mess, and unreliable results offered by OTC and prescription products.

West Linn Moms Trust LiceWise

No one is immune from those pesky critters, regardless of whether a child, teen, or adult.  Head lice spread through contact of heads, or sharing of hair accessories or tools such as combs, brushes, ponytail holders, etc.  It certainly isn’t a condition to be ashamed of, considering how easily transmitted this condition is!  If you are in search of a mobile lice treatment that delivers amazing results using products containing natural ingredients and a proven comb-out technique, trust LiceWise for great results.  We invite West Linn residents to contact us now to learn more or schedule an appointment at 971-263-4867.

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