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LiceWise Reviews

Kathy was a godsend. She came today to take care of my daughter’s hair, and found out that all of us had lice! The weather ended up terrible this afternoon (snowing like crazy). Kathy easily could have told me that she couldn’t come today due to weather, but she did. She spent 4 1/2 hours working on all of us, including my daughter who has the curliest, thick hair imaginable. She went section by section, three different times, and really took care of everything. She explained what I needed to do to follow up, and will be returning next week to check us.

I couldn’t feel more relieved and happy with the service I received. Thank you Kathy, and if we ever have lice again, you will be my first call!

December 14th 2016, Terra P. – Happy Valley, Oregon- 5 Star

First of all if you are reading this post I know how bad it is when you discover your child has lice. I discovered my 5 year old daughter had it on her first day of attending her brand new daycare. I was seriously freaking out. My husband was on a 7 day trip. It was all up to me and I was failing miserably-sigh. My daughter has extremely fine and long hair. I bought a kit and tried to comb through it using the special comb but started crying-it was too much. My poor daughter had a slight chemical burn from the drugstore shampoo. Anyway, I looked through the reviews and chose Lice Wise. Kathy was amazing. Not only does she come to your home but she came the same day I called her (maybe b/c I was on the verge of tears). She was flexible, positive, and so kind to my kiddos (who both had it and later discovered I did too). It took several hours b/c my daughter’s hair was so fine. She literally checked every single strand of hair. She uses natural products that didn’t burn the scalp. She came back one week later to ensure that we were lice free. She will even give you a paper stating that your child can go back to school that same day. Part of the service is that she gives you the products (shampoo, misting spray, and a very nice heavy duty comb for getting all the nits. Not only was the service effective but her price and rates were well worth it. I would have paid $1000 to get rid of it all honestly but she is very up front with all of her costs. Her prices are like the salon prices but you can be at your home. My son watched cartoons while it was my daughter’s turn. We would have struggled at a salon. Anyway, I just wanted to write this to say that not only is Kathy very professional but she is kind hearted, compassionate, and patient. If you have lice and need to get rid of it quick, please call her you will feel so much better!  I am keeping her number hand come back to school time.

July 18th 2016, Maggie – Happy Valley, Oregon – 5 Star

 “Lice Wise was a godsend!!! I had never had lice or even had to deal with it until my boyfriend’s daughter came home from school with it. Sure enough she spread it to me so I frantically started searching the Internet for professional help and thank GOD I found Kathy!!!! She came the next day and SAVED the day!!! I will be forever grateful! And, she’s coming back tomorrow for a free check up!! I will definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone. THANK YOU, KATHY!!!”

May 20th 2016 Lindsay D. – Hillsboro, Oregon 5 star

“Excellent and professional service. Who knew there was a mobile service to handle lice. I appreciated all the information and tips, and while hoping this does not happen again, I know who to call if it does. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone who has the unfortunate infestation of lice- she is AWESOME”

March 17th 2016,  Scott T. – Portland, Oregon – 5 Star

“5 star LiceWise is amazing. Kathy came to my house and treated my whole family. She came back multiple times for rechecks. She is so wonderful and knowledge. I highly recommend LiceWise.”

February 13th 2016,  Miriam J. – SW Portland, Oregon- 5 Star

“This is one of the best services I have ever used,  they gave us great info answered any questions we had and really put us at ease, VERY friendly, they just came in and got the job done, money well spent in my eyes, would highly recommend them to anyone.”

February 1st., 2016, Lakshmi B. – Milwaukie, Oregon

“If you want to REALLY get rid of the bugs you have to use this service!  Lice today has become resistant to the chemical and medicated treatments. She treated my entire family with compassion.  She was understanding and took the time to make sure we knew that we were treated and done with the BUG! I’ve used other lice treatments/businesses in the past and I highly recommend LiceWise over the others.”

January 7th 2016,  Dani S. –  Portland, Oregon

“Absolutely a life saver!  Super professional and compassionate.  Extremely knowledgeable about lice and really educated us on how to avoid getting lice again. I would highly recommend this service!!”
January 6th 2016 ,  Jenny B. – Bend, Oregon

Kathy was amazing during the time I found out that 4 out of 6 of us had lice. She was clam and professional and made this process almost relaxing for me. She understands and has a lot of knowledge of lice and I learned a lot!!!!! I have recommended her to our school and would give her a 5 star rating. It really takes the pressure off having a professional, like Kathy, come to your home and deal with this.”

December 16, 2015,  Beth M. – Clackamas, Oregon