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Lice Free Shampoo From LiceWise

The best way to treat lice is to prevent lice. LiceWise, a complete lice removal service providing lice removal and treatment in Oregon and SW Washington, also offers a complete line of lice free shampoo to keep lice at bay. Using this specially formulated shampoo will give every strand of hair its own anti-lice line of defense.

Head lice are wingless, parasitic little organisms that can survive in the hair of the human head. Lice need to consume blood in order to survive, so they bite into the skin, secrete a substance that prevents the blood from clotting, and feed about four or five times a day. While they can be found anywhere on the scalp, they are most commonly found on the area of the back of the neck and around the ears. Anyone can get head lice, but they’re more of a concern to school children because of how close they get when they congregate or play with classmates throughout the day. Head lice are spread by direct contact with someone who already has lice and by sharing certain articles with someone who already has lice, like a hat, hoodie, comb, pillow, etc. While head lice need to be attached to a host in order to survive long term, they can survive for about 24 hours off host.

LiceWise’s lice free shampoo is a great option for any parent or guardian of a school aged child who wants to reduce the risk of having a child bring home lice. Have your child use LiceWise lice free shampoo during every shower and give your child the line of defense they need to keep head lice at bay. Sulfate free and made from essential oils, our lice free shampoo is safe for children of any age, whether they be in kindergarten or high school.

In case you weren’t able to start using our lice free shampoo fast enough and have discovered lice already living on the head of someone in your home, LiceWise offers both in person lice removal and treatment as well as telephone lice removal consultations. If you select the former service, we will come to your residence in Oregon or SW Washington and administer a complete Shepard Method lice removal and treatment regimen which includes a head inspection of all members of the family, comb out, strand by strand removal, after-treatment follow up, and more. The Shepard Method is perhaps the most thorough and effective method for removing and treating head lice.

If you would prefer to eradicate your lice problem on your own, we can walk you through every step of the process, from inspection to treatment, over the phone. Services also include group inspections (for camps, churches, schools, etc.) as well as lice prevention workshops. We also offer a hardship discount on our lice inspection and treatment service if your family currently receives WIC, SNAP, free lunch, or reduced lunch benefits.

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