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Lake Oswego Head Lice Removal

We’re Mobile – We Come to You

lice-shampooIf you are in the Oswego area and searching for in home or mobile head lice removal, count on the certified technicians at LiceWise for outstanding results.  We know those pesky bugs are aggravating and cause you an undue amount of stress, especially if it is your child who has an infestation.  This condition is very common, especially among young children and teens who are constantly around others at school, camp, and other activities.

We know you want safe head lice solutions, and that products found over the counter usually contain pesticides, insecticides, or other harsh ingredients.  Most of these products require repeat applications, which can be messy and a real hassle.  Not only that, harsh chemicals can be damaging to the hair.  Our mobile treatment makes it possible to get rid of those bugs and their nits in the comfort of your own home, once and for all.  We rely on organic, natural ingredients that are super effective, along with a thorough, professional comb-out technique to ensure every last critter is gone!

No Harsh Chemicals Used!

Our one treatment lice solution saves you the inconvenience, hassle, and cost of trying other product or methods with disappointing results.  We make it super convenient and easy by providing in home head lice treatment you can trust, so you don’t even have to leave the house.  Whether for your child, yourself, your spouse, or other family member, our non chemical head lice solutions are safe, require little of your time, and most important of all work!  We invite those in the Lake Oswego area to call LiceWise now to schedule your appointment at 971-263-4867.

We also have a variety of treatment and prevention products available for purchase – including our X-Pel Shampoo Conditioner and Mint Spray.