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Head Lice season

Our company, LiceWise, constantly gets asked the question, “When is head lice season?” The answer is that there is no specific head lice season, however, head lice infestations do seem to be more prevalent in children as a new school session starts each year and children are in close contact with each other. A head lice infestation can occur in any month of the year. The bottom line for you is that head lice season is any time that you personally have to deal with head lice.

Head lice infestations are frustrating for students, teachers, and parents alike. Sometimes, a head lice outbreak at a school can affect students for months. This can leave you wishing for a cure all for head lice. Unfortunately, there is not a magic cure for head lice. Research shows that the most effective treatment for head lice is a good combing. If you live in the Oregon or South West Washington area, LiceWise can provide you with cost effective and efficient head lice removal services. We will get the head lice out of your family’s hair.

When there’s a head lice outbreak at your child’s school it’s head lice season for you. Children with head lice should be treated and be free from lice and nits before being allowed to come back to school. Nits, are white and about the size of a knot in common thread. Lice are more grayish and are commonly compared in size to a sesame seed. If your child has head lice, there is about a 50% chance their head will be itchy. Many times, head lice present with no itchiness or other warning signs that they are present, only methodical checking of head and hair can insure a family member has no head lice. A thorough check of your child’s head and hair for lice should be preformed every day or two until the head lice outbreak is over. If you want to tackle your head lice season on your own, LiceWise does offer consultation calls and a lice removal kits.

If you partner with LiceWise, you can conquer head lice season confidently. We utilize the Shephard Method Treatment Process. This includes a head check for each family member, an initial comb out and application of product. The Shephard Method was developed by Katie Shephard of the Shephard Institute and is a proven treatment for head lice and nit removal.

The fact is that many head lice have become resistant to regular over the counter treatments like Nix or Rid. The Shephard Method gets to the root of the problem and takes about 1 hour for short hair and 2 hours for long hair, depending on hair thickness and severity of the infestation.
After the product is applied, we do a strand by strand nit removal. This is why it takes so long, but it’s also why it’s so effective. You then get a blow dry and a final re-check after treatment. You get an extra comb out as well and two follow-up rechecks. We want to make sure that your head lice season comes to an end as soon as possible.

We are happy to help you get through your head lice season. We regularly perform group head lice checks at schools, churches, camps, and more. We’re LiceWise and we service Oregon and South West Washington areas. For more information about our head lice removal services contact us today.