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Head Lice Removal in Portland

Lice are very tiny parasites that can survive off the blood of humans. The most common type of lice – especially among school aged children – are head lice. Head lice are common among school aged children because the tiny wingless parasites can be spread by little more than close contact, which children often have with classmates and playmates. Contrary to what many might think, hygiene is not an indication of a risk of catching lice, so people who catch lice should not be assumed to have poor personal hygiene. Anyone can catch lice, and even though close contact with another person who already has lice is the most common way for the parasite to spread, it’s also possible for lice to survive for brief periods without a host, like on the fabric of furniture, clothing, or toys. Specializing in lice identification and lice removal in Portland, Oregon, LiceWise has helped families throughout the greater Portland area to eradicate head lice.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of head lice include intense itching of the scalp, the feeling of something moving or tickling the scalp, visible lice that will appear like small grayish white or tan bugs up to the size of a sesame seed (which would be especially visible around the nape of the neck and ears), small red bumps around the scalp (which are signs of lice feeding on blood), and the appearance of lice eggs at the base of hair strands. Lice eggs may appear like dandruff to the untrained eye, but they are actually tiny soft buds that grip onto the base of hair shafts and that can’t be easily combed away like dandruff can.

Parents looking for lice removal in Portland have a few options available to them, but most of them involve harsh chemical treatments that many parents would simply prefer to avoid. As a professional service offering lice removal in Portland, LiceWise is a locally owned business that specializes in lice removal using the Shepherd Method as taught by the Shepherd Institute. Preferred by parents throughout Portland and beyond, the Shepherd Method is based on a thorough, strand by strand inspection of hair for the presence of head lice. Using the Shepherd Method, we perform lice treatments right in the comfort of your home and we can inspect every member of the family. While inspecting your family for head lice, we will take the time to pass along helpful information about head lice and how to reduce the risk of bringing head lice into the home in the future. Following the initial consultation and removal of head lice, a lice removal specialist from LiceWise will follow up with your family to ensure there has been no return of head lice and the initial treatment was a success. The cost of this follow up is included in your initial LiceWise treatment.

Owned by a Shepherd Institute certified lice removal specialist Kathy Aragon, LiceWise is a service you can trust whenever you need lice removal in Portland. For more information on lice removal in Portland – or to learn more about head lice, how head lice is spread, and how to prevent head contact LiceWise today.