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Are you LiceWise?

Head lice removal service and treatment help dispel the many false ideas about how to handle an out break in your family.  Below are some basic facts to help you understand about head lice and treatment. To help you separate fact from fiction please read below. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t wait! Give us a call or set up your appointment (971) 263-4867,  or email us at licewisellc@gmail.com.

Our strand-by strand inspection of the hair includes an exact and thorough comb out, whereby we remove all lice and their nits. We offer a safe, non-toxic research based treatment.

LiceWise Facts:

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  • There is no miracle cure for head lice. Research has proven, the most effective treatment for head lice is a careful precise combing.
  • To ensure the proper elimination of head lice, your first concern should be removing lice and nits from your hair.
  • Upon the discovery of head lice, a detailed cleaning is not necessary.
  • Head lice are stronger than they were a generation ago, many live bugs are resistant to over-the-counter medications such as Rid or Nix.
  • There is no head lice “season”. Head lice occur year round, which can quickly spread from one host to another.
  • There are many safeguards a parent can take to keep head lice away.
  • Only 50% of those with head lice experience itching.
  • Head lice begin to die within 12 hours of falling off their host’s head.
  • A female louse need only mate once, allowing her to lay eggs for the rest of her lifespan.
  • Head lice prefer certain blood types over others.
  • The male louse generally travels with a group of three to four female lice.
  • You can not get head lice from your animals or give it to them.
  • Head lice do not pass on any sicknesses, unlike mosquitoes.


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