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safe-lice-removalWe are a head lice removal service. We assist families in need of help to remove head lice and nits from their lives. To help meet your family’s needs, we offer an in-home mobile service. Our strand-by-strand service removes lice and nits from your hair. This service includes a careful comb out, whereby we remove all lice and nits. We are teaching you ways to stop lice from coming back and keeping a lice free life. Knowledge is power!  All of our products used during treatment are safe and non-toxic.

Safe head lice removal is important to many parents who prefer not to use traditional products sold at retail stores that are not as effective as they were years ago.  Additionally, many of these products contain pesticides, something you likely don’t want to use on your child’s head.  Children and teens contract an infestation easily, considering the crowded environments at school, camps, sports, and more.  Our non chemical head lice solutions make it possible to eradicate those pesky critters in your home, once and for all in a way that is safe, comfortable, and proven.  Natural, environmentally safe, homeopathic ingredients, convenience, and no harsh chemicals – exactly what you have been looking for!

We Offer Mobile Lice Treatment for Your Convenience

LiceWise is a locally owned company in Clackamas, Oregon and we help families in Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Happy Valley and throughout Oregon and Southern Washington. It was started to help parents and teachers know fact from fiction regarding head lice.  After working in this trade for years, we realized that enough wasn’t being done to help families deal with this pest. LiceWise helps families statewide, as well as in SW Washington. Call us today for advice, or set up your appointment. We would be happy to discuss how we can best help you and your family.

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                                We are certified in the leading method for head lice removal, treatment, and education: The Shepherd Method 

The Shepherd Method is a safe, non-toxic way of removing head lice and nits. This plan was created by Katie Shepherd, one of the country’s leading experts in head lice removal, treatment, and education. The Shepherd Technique uses a strand-by-strand process, making certain every hair has been carefully looked at, and all signs of head lice and nits have been removed. Free follow-up checks are included in the service, allowing each person to be treated well one time, and to be monitored after that. The Shepherd Method is proven to be the most effective process to remove and treat lice, due to its focus on being detailed and thorough.